Full Scale Project Management Offering

Our Core Project Management Service involves the definition, leadership, planning, management control and delivery of projects on behalf of our Clients, such that the Client’s objectives are achieved. Our service can be tailored so that it falls into the following categories:

Programme Management

This is achieved through the adoption of the “ADD Delivery Model”:

Through focusing on a cohesive dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals appointed on the project our Project Managers manage the successful execution of the project by adhering to sound project management principles. Working closely with the Client, we direct and control the project team to manage all the tasks required to achieve the aims of the project.

Executive Project Management

In the role of Executive Project Manager, we act as the Engineer/Principal Agent for the Client and are responsible for the management, administration, organization as well as the communication flow of the project.

This involves managing the project to completion from stage 1 to 6 to meet the Client’s objectives in terms of time, cost and quality. In this capacity, we typically assume the role of both Engineer/Principal Consult-ant and Principal Agent on the project.

Turnkey Project Management

The basic Project Management services under Turnkey Project Management is no different to that under Executive Project Management; except that Turnkey Project Management requires the provision of further services that are contracted directly under African Cityscapes service provision. Typically, this includes Design, Engineering, Cost Management and any other design services associated with the project. It may also include site supervision, survey work, legal advice, sustainability consultancy and facilities management. Under this service African Cityscapes provides a single/Consortium fee to the Client and are responsible for the performance of all subconsultants rather than merely managing their delivery.

Project Consultancy

On Project Consultancy appointments, African Cityscapes provides specialist assistance to support the needs of the Client body. The areas of expertise can range from strategic advice to the delivery of specialist services focused on providing the Client with added value services. The services can be considered individually or as a series of packages tailored to suit individual Client’s needs. Typically, these services could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Development Management
  • Employer’s Representative
  • Technical Advisors
  • Project Programming & Monitoring
  • Procurement Strategy & Implementation
  • Construction Management Services
  • Tenant Coordination Services
  • Pre-development Feasibility Study
  • Management
  • Budget Control, Cost Control & Reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Project Due Diligence

Service Delivery Approach

Over and above the Standard Scope of Services as defined by industry-standard deliverables, our approach to all appointments is further defined by the “ADD model” which complements the standardized methodology with respect to the delivery of Project Management Services and it is designed to focus attention on the most appropriate activity at each stage.

The stages of activity are briefly described as follows:

Our Principles of Project & Development Management

Our project principles are based on the balance between three key elements. One single element alone cannot result in a project being considered a success. All three elements must be completed to the Client’s needs. At no stage can the quality of a project be compromised for the saving of time or cost. Similarly, the cost of the project cannot be ignored to ensure that the project is completed on time and to the quality that is required.
ACPM is steadfast in the belief that with the correct management of the three principles, a quality project, completed on time and within budget, is essential.

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