Our Mission

African Cityscapes consistently provides a high quality consultancy service as our working approach incorporates fundamental principles of project/development management from Inception (stage 1) to Closeout and Handover (Stage 6).

This is based on a deep understanding of the various stakeholders involved and to deliver relevant, practical and financially viable solutions for local, remote and challenging areas.

In every aspect of our services, we are driven to deliver results that exceed our Client’s expectations - the difference between the excellent and the exceptional. We provide consultancy support that capitalizes on our diverse experiences to achieve consistent practical, measurable benefits, with the extra dimension of innovation that will help you as the Client to gain the greatest possible advantage in the process of advancing from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

This is achieved through the adoption of the “ADD Delivery Model”:

Through focusing on a cohesive dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals appointed on the project our Project Managers manage the successful execution of the project by adhering to sound project management principles. Working closely with the Client, we direct and control the project team to manage all the tasks required to achieve the aims of the project.

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+24 DRC: 399669061